TFY = TerryFY = Terry Filisetti Yoshinaga

Hi, my name is Terry and I'm a slasher. Let me explain. I was born in US and raised in Brazil. My grandparents are from Japan and Italy. I live in London for the past 8 years and married a talented Polish Angel. Just that shows the great mixture in my life.

I graduated in advertising/marketing and postgraduated as an art director. My professional career started as a web designer but I was always interested in all kind of media. I self-taught myself various skills and softwares from webdesign, image editing to video editing.

Since I moved to London I got involved in the music industry and worked as backline techician, stage manager and tour manager touring around the world with great bands. This just completed me as a slasher ready for the next adventure/challenge.

I did acumulate over these years a great career/life experience, learning a lot about time management, multi-tasking, work as a team, attention to details, work under a deadline, solving problems, organization skills, operating in a fast pace and keeping information confidential.

So I'm a photographer/image editor/video editor/designer/tour manager/ a slasher.

I enjoy travelling, exercising outdoors, nature, music, movies, documentaries, cooking and meeting different people and cultures.

You can find me on 07847363074 or you@terryfy.com

Average distance travelled: 682,989 km or 424,390 miles
Countries Visited: 38 countries
Cities Visited: 369 cities
Concerts: 325
Festivals: 42
Years Married: 1
Minutes lived since birth: 19,949,760